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What is difference from the calisthenics hybrid program (which you can also find on my website)?

It has a completely different approach to workouts. 


Compound: always mixed days except of the leg+core day, light weight/bodyweight workouts for both lower and upper parts of the body. This program is more endurance based yet affects your weighted game as well, just not as much as hybrid. Compound program is also more a course with the program than just a program itself (comparing to the hybrid). It contains Saibov’s workshop material. It improves every aspect of your game with endurance based workouts


Hybrid: splits and mixed days, heavyweighted/bodyweight/medium weight workouts for both upper and lower parts of the body. This program is complete in terms of targeting the maximum weight for 1 repetition, improving your physique with heavyweight workouts which are good for street lifting, also building your legs strength. It improves every aspect of your game with strength based workouts.


Both programs affect hypertrophy, both programs improve your level (knowledge, performance, experience). At the end of the day, its a matter of preferences. The best choice for you would be to try out both programs and use them in different time of the year. I would suggest to work with the compound program during Spring-Autumn and hybrid program during Autumn-Spring.



    This compound program is made for people who have mastered a tiny bit of calisthenics basics and are willing to learn more.

    This is not the typical workout plan. Compound program means that it has the workshop material of mine which includes exclusive knowledge and tips about calisthenics. Its an educational program, not only workout plan.


    • 3+ hours of Saibov's workshop material (knowledge & experience)
    • 1,5 to 2,5h training sessions 
    • Tutorials 
    • 30 workouts (24 upper body + 6 lower body) low weighted & bodyweight
    • Freedom of rest days
    • Mobility & stretching routines
    • Lifetime access
    • 1 month of the consultation about the plan

    • Muscle ups 1-3
    • Dips 5-15
    • Push ups 5-25
    • Pull ups 5-10
    • Ability to do legs exercises
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